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Definition of qigong

What is the definition of "qigong"?
  • qigongnoun
  • 1. A Chinese system of breathing control, physical exercise and meditation.

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  • "Incorporate a daily movement practice such as qigong, tai chi, yoga; meditation; perform ceremonies and rituals, even just lighting a candle and offering a prayer; practice kindness and compassion; maintain a good diet and a positive attitude; and follow the Mayan Sacred Calendar - the"

    "I ask her to retell the story of when young John Marshall grew up to be an older man, came for a special visit, and was accompanied by a renowned Chinese qigong doctor."

    "The latter, exemplified by tai chi, qigong, or choreographed ecstatic dancing, may or may not tune you; it depends upon whether they are done naturally or forcefully."

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