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Definition of qiblah

What is the definition of "qiblah"?
  • qiblahnoun
  • 1. Alternative spelling of qibla.

Use "qiblah" in a sentence
  • "Worshipers pray facing the qiblah, which is the ka'aba in Mecca; when a Muslim is traveling it is always an interesting problem trying to determine which way one should face in order to pray."

    "And now verily We shall make thee turn (in prayer) toward a qiblah which is dear to thee."

    "It reads: “It was this very modest and humble house that became a qiblah center for the hearts of millions of Muslims in Iran and throughout the world and disturbed the sweet dreams of the tyrants in the world.”"

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  • Spanish: qiblah
  • German: qiblah
  • French: qiblah
  • Mandarin: qiblah
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