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Definition of qh

What is the definition of "qh"?
  • qhinitialism
  • 1. quaque hora: every hour - used in medical pharmacy prescriptions usually with a numeral defining hours between doses. "q4h" read as: "taken every 4 hours". Also common is the format: "3 caps q4h" read as" means "Take 3 capsules every 4 hours."

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  • "Z ah bh ch dh eh fh gh hh ih jh kh lh mh nh oh ph qh rh sh th uh vy wh xh yh zh"

    "A Blue force of one regiment of infantry has outposts facing south on the line Pope Hill (sm ') -- National cemetery (pk') -- E (qh ')."

    "= What is the formation of the patrol when its point is at E (qh ')?"

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