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Definition of qanats

What is the definition of "qanats"?
  • qanatsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of qanat.

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  • "Water usage continued to develop in the East with the building of water systems called qanats by the Persians—elaborate tunnels that sometimes transported water for miles and miles to walled cities."

    "Horizontal means of groundwater extraction are called infiltration galleries and their forms vary from ditches open at the top to tunnels completely underground (the famous "qanats" or qarrez ", commonly seen in Iran or Pakistan, are examples of infiltration galleries)."

    "See Zhob District Gazetteer, pp. 165 – 6, for Ghalzi Pashtun nomads as excavators of qanats or underground irrigation channels, and Balland, p. 209 (footnote), quoting another source about the class of nomads who entered the subcontinent for seasonal labor opportunities such as "stone-breaking, road-making, clearing jungle (butimari), and any sort of job where energy and strength are more necessary than professional skills.""

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