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Definition of qadi

What is the definition of "qadi"?
  • qadinoun
  • 1. an Islamic judge

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  • "In each section, perspective shifts between Burton and the voices of those men he encounters along the way: his Indian servant tells the stories of his travails with Burton to a scribe; the qadi, the governor, and the shari in Mecca investigate Burton's hajj; and Sidi Mubarak Bombay, his African guide, shares his story with friends in Zanzibar."

    "The head of the al-Azhar Islamic university, the chief qadi, the clerics of different mosques, are government-appointed."

    "On arrival at Ceuta fully prepared for action with his assembled troops, the Amir sent his envoys, who included the qadi `Abd al-Malik and Ibn al Ahsan, to al-Mu`tamid."

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