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Definition of pudendal

What is the definition of "pudendal"?
  • pu•den•daladjective
  • 1. Relating to or near the pudendum.

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  • "Oh and before I go – Daryll casts some wild aspertions about What Gays Do and I thought someone should tell Daryll to try Googling something men have called the pudendal nerve."

    "That in fact, there is this doctor who ` s the pudendal (ph) nerve guy, Jeffrey Cole (ph), who said that and no one would listen to him in the world of pop culture, women have a pudendal nerve that either branches in two places or don ` t."

    "WINSTEAD: I want to know if there ` s a pudendal nerve doctor in my health plan."

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  • Spanish: pudendal
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