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Definition of puddle

What is the definition of "puddle"?
  • pud•dlenoun
  • 1. A small pool of water, especially rainwater.
    2. A small pool of a liquid.
    3. A tempered paste of wet clay and sand that serves as waterproofing when dry.

  • pud•dleverb-transitive
  • 1. To make muddy.
    2. To work (clay or sand) into a thick watertight paste.

Use "puddle" in a sentence
  • "If I get this right, Ron Levin apparently did not bother to learn that the photo he thought was a flat portion of the Martian surface with a puddle is actually a photo of a sloping cliff inside a crater."

    "Just like on so many issues nationally and right here in puddle city."

    "Stop at a rain puddle and see how far you can make the water splatter away."

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