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Definition of puckish

What is the definition of "puckish"?
  • puck•ishadjective
  • 1. Mischievous; impish: a puckish grin; puckish wit.

Use "puckish" in a sentence
  • "Mr. Galentine was quieter, but possessed what the couple's longtime neighbor described as a puckish sense of humor."

    "Dianne Feinstein described Reid's sense of humor as "puckish" and Cantwell said that one of the downsides of having Al Franken as a colleague is that the men in the caucus try to out-funny the funny man."

    "GREENFIELD: Joe Lieberman does have a kind of puckish sense of humor."

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  • Spanish: puckish
  • German: puckish
  • French: puckish
  • Mandarin: puckish
  • Japanese: puckish

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