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Definition of propagandizing

What is the definition of "propagandizing"?
  • propagandizingverb
  • 1. Present participle of propagandize.

Use "propagandizing" in a sentence
  • "Isn't the larger issue (over a VP choice) that members of the (DLC Lieberman and now Bayh) were complicit in "propagandizing" bush's war in Iraq?"

    "His callous political posturing ( "propagandizing") and his disregard for Constitutional power checks/balances demeans his institution and invites the lack of respect and/or confidence we citizens have for Congress."

    "A protester acknowledges the "extremely naïve" dimension of his actions, and Ms. Corrie, while wry in writing about "propagandizing" in her letters, also comes off as endearingly youthful, passionate and earnest."

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  • Spanish: propagandizing
  • German: propagandizing
  • French: propagandizing
  • Mandarin: propagandizing
  • Japanese: propagandizing

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