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Definition of poinsettias

What is the definition of "poinsettias"?
  • poinsettiasnoun
  • 1. Plural form of poinsettia.

Use "poinsettias" in a sentence
  • "Marijuana, like chrysanthemums and poinsettias, is spurred to flower by the shorter days of late summer."

    "They also said they tested this because apparently a bunch of kids ate poinsettias, which is also confusing."

    "Everyone in ten-cent store calls them "poinsettias," but named after J.R. Poinsett."

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How to Say "poinsettias" in:
  • Spanish: poinsettias
  • German: poinsettias
  • French: poinsettias
  • Mandarin: poinsettias
  • Japanese: poinsettias

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