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Definition of pacificatory

What is the definition of "pacificatory"?
  • pa•cif•i•ca•to•ryadjective
  • 1. Tending to make peace; conciliatory.

Use "pacificatory" in a sentence
  • "The system would be adopted, the article says, to put an end to the ruinous costs of "punitive expeditions of merely ephemeral pacificatory value.""

    "Gasha (who, to judge by her angry flushed face, was in a state of great irritation) and Doctor Blumenthal — the latter a little man pitted with smallpox, who was endeavouring by tacit, pacificatory signs with his head and eyes to reassure the perturbed"

    "The shouts of the crowd sounded pacificatory, entreating; they blended into a thick, indistinct babel, in which there was something hopeless and pitiful."

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  • Spanish: pacificatory
  • German: pacificatory
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