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Definition of paci

What is the definition of "paci"?
  • pacinoun
  • 1. A baby's pacifier.

Use "paci" in a sentence
  • "If I had tried that, it would have meant driving back to that park at 2 a.m., just to prove that "paci" was still safe."

    "Which, if you have a lovey or paci, might be as simple as popping the paci back in, hugging the lovey, and rolling over."

    "He may still need his paci, but the Juban Princeling is not too young to know that it's OK for two boys to "like" like each other."

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  • Spanish: paci
  • German: paci
  • French: paci
  • Mandarin: paci
  • Japanese: paci

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