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Definition of p

What is the definition of "p"?
  • pnoun
  • 1. The 16th letter of the modern English alphabet.
    2. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter p.
    3. The 16th in a series.
    4. Something shaped like the letter P.
    5. A hypothesized documentary source of certain portions of the Pentateuch that have a formal style, contain genealogical lists and descriptions of rituals, and use the Tetragrammaton to refer to God.

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  • "which one of the following will execute faster? int p = 2; p++; OR p = p+1; OR p+ = 1; and y?? is it p++ bcoz it is a single instruction?? ... nd the rest r multiple ..."

    "Now, assume that a given sentence, s, corresponds to the fact that p; and assume that ˜p™ and ˜q™ are sentences with the same truth-value."

    "Where p is a permutation of objects on a domain D, we can define the p-transform function p* as follows: if x is an object in D, p* (x) ="

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