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Definition of p'raps

What is the definition of "p'raps"?
  • p'rapsadverb
  • 1. Contraction of perhaps.

Use "p'raps" in a sentence
  • "P'raps Mrs. Wylie doesn't know anything about the spell, and has just got some stupid, common reason for not wanting us to play with the little girl, or p'raps '-- and this was plainly a brilliant idea --' _p'raps_ the spell's put on her without her knowing, and stops her when she begins to speak about it."

    ""I'm sorry," said Dorothy with a sigh, for she was fond of her little comrade; "but p'raps it's best for Button-Bright to get home; 'cause his folks must be worrying just dreadful.""

    "Bill, "Well, Miss, it's all along o 'me and my mates bein' out o 'work, yer see, and wantin' to turn an honest penny hanyways we can; so 'avin' 'eard tell as you was a risin' young medical practitioner, we thought as p'raps you wouldn 't mind just a recommendin' of hus as nurses.""

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