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Definition of oarage

What is the definition of "oarage"?
  • oaragenoun
  • 1. The act of using oars; rowing.
    2. A sweeping motion that resembles rowing.
    3. Equipment used for rowing.

Use "oarage" in a sentence
  • "Flying through the depth of air on winged oarage, the fleet messenger alights on the Libyan coasts."

    "Here, on the first land he retrod, he dedicated his winged oarage to thee, O Phoebus, in the vast temple he built."

    "Thence he gazes down on the world, staying awhile in that far height [36] the ceaseless oarage of his wings and, poised almost motionless with hovering flight, looks all around him and seeks what prey he shall choose whereon to swoop [37] sudden like a thunderbolt from heaven on high."

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