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Definition of oaktree

What is the definition of "oaktree"?
  • oaktreenoun
  • 1. An oak (tree).

Use "oaktree" in a sentence
  • "Little and Steadman checked the code word and found that "oaktree" was correct."

    "The enormous stability of the fabric; the spine tough as whalebone, straight as oaktree; the ribs radiating branches; the flesh taut tarpaulin; the red hollows; the suck and regurgitation of the heart; while from above meat falls in brown cubes and beer gushes to be churned to blood again — and so we reach the eyes."

    "The sight of the maiden so pleased the gnome that, for the first time, he wished himself a mortal; and, longing for a better view of the gay company, he changed himself into a raven and perched upon an oaktree which overhung the brook."

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