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Definition of oakiness

What is the definition of "oakiness"?
  • oakinessnoun
  • 1. The property of being oaky

Use "oakiness" in a sentence
  • "As Mr. Cardarella invited me to appreciate the "oakiness" I can't recall whether it was of the $200 a bottle Signature or the Aberfeldy 27 year old, the high drama drawing a crowd, I had a revelation about myself."

    "In the mid 1980s, Australia took the export markets by storm when they produced easy-to-drink, fruit-driven Chardonnay, with a distinctive, creamy oakiness."

    "You can take cues from others at the table as to whether you should accentuate the oakiness of the wood in the parasol's handle, the dankness of the wet sidewalk, or, simply, memory."

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  • Spanish: oakiness
  • German: oakiness
  • French: oakiness
  • Mandarin: oakiness
  • Japanese: oakiness

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