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Definition of oak

What is the definition of "oak"?
  • oaknoun
  • 1. Any of numerous monoecious deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Quercus, bearing acorns as fruit.
    2. The durable wood of any of these trees or shrubs.
    3. Something made of this wood.
    4. Any of various similar trees or shrubs, such as the poison oak.
    5. Any of various brown shades resembling the wood of an oak in color.

Use "oak" in a sentence
  • ""An _oaken_ cask," signifies an _oak_ cask, or a cask _of oak_; i.e. a cask _made_ of oak; but a _beer_ cask, and a cask _of beer_, are two different things."

    ""Then the _oak_ is such a blessing," he exclaimed with peculiar fervour, clasping his hands, and repeating often -- "the oak is such a blessing!" slowly and in a solemn tone."

    "The term _oak_ is used in several places in Scripture, but nowhere does it appear to refer to the oak as we know it -- _our indigenous oak_."

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