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Definition of oafish

What is the definition of "oafish"?
  • oaf•ishadjective
  • 1. characteristic of, or resembling an oaf; stupid

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  • "I fear that Dubya will get his testosterone stirred up again and make some kind of oafish, I'm a tough-ass from Crawford remark, like his moronic "Bring it On" dalliance with idiocy."

    "We additionally encounter Launce, a singular of Shakspere's commencement oafish ridiculous characters."

    "I saw that from here on, he would become rather an oafish prop, so to speak, in the last act of something like that, without any great stature."

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  • Spanish: oafish
  • German: oafish
  • French: oafish
  • Mandarin: oafish
  • Japanese: oafish

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