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Definition of o'ergrown

What is the definition of "o'ergrown"?
  • o'ergrownadjective
  • 1. Wessex (slang) (archaic) overgrown.

Use "o'ergrown" in a sentence
  • "Vienna has strict statutes against fornication and adultery, but those statutes have been allowed to atrophy 'like an o'ergrown lion in a cave/That goes not out to prey'."

    "And yonder, "sitting upon the river-bank o'ergrown," with questioning eyes, was another shade, more habituated to these haunts -- the shade known so well to bathers "in the abandoned lasher," and to dancers"

    "One day, in their rovings through the park, they came by chance upon a door in the hill-side, but so o'ergrown with creeping vines that, had not the little lord stumbled upon it, 'twas very like it had been there to this day without discovery."

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