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Definition of naboot

What is the definition of "naboot"?
  • nabootnoun
  • 1. a quarterstaff constructed of palm wood or rattan. It originated in Egypt and is used in the martial art of tahtib.

Use "naboot" in a sentence
  • "As they reached the outskirts of the village a sorry camel came with a sprawling gallop after them, and swaying and rolling above it was Yusef, the drunken ghaffir, his naboot of dom-wood across his knees."

    "Not Seti's strong right arm alone and his naboot were at work, but the bobtailed Arab, like an iron-handed razor toothed shrew, struck and bit his way, his eyes bloodred like Seti's."

    "The hashish clouds lifted from his brain, and he gripped his naboot of the hard wood of the dom-palm, and, with a cry like a wolf, came on."

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