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Definition of nabobs

What is the definition of "nabobs"?
  • nabobsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of nabob.

Use "nabobs" in a sentence
  • "According to one guidebook, San Francisco's Nob Hill was named for the "nabobs" who lived there."

    "The decade saw the first public expression of uneasiness over the conduct of Company servants in Bengal, with charges of extortion and profiteering levelled at Company servants who returned home hugely enriched (the so-called "nabobs") and a parliamentary enquiry into the financial activities of the former Commander-in-Chief, Robert Clive."

    "We opine that the lofty and arrogant pretensions of some of our "nabobs," who are often of obscure and sometimes of ignominious birth, are scarcely less ridiculous than the aristocratic notions of a gentlemanly rascal who robs _a la mode_ and picks a pocket with gentility and grace!"

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