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Definition of nabbing

What is the definition of "nabbing"?
  • nabbingverb
  • 1. Present participle of nab.

Use "nabbing" in a sentence
  • "If you're interested in nabbing a Spainy of your own, take a moment to visit my friends Holly and Jim."

    "She sure has trouble "nabbing" the superdelegates who are actually elected officials, doesn't she?"

    "All this talk of "nabbing" superdelegates always makes me think of a big car screeching to a stop beside a superdelegate walking down a sidewalk, guys jumping out of the car, throwing a big sack over the head of a superdelegate, throwing around a couple of turns or rope, shoving the delgate into the back of the car and roaring off to a secure undisclosed location where several other superdelegates sit bound and gagged."

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  • Spanish: nabbing
  • German: nabbing
  • French: nabbing
  • Mandarin: nabbing
  • Japanese: nabbing

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