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Definition of n's

What is the definition of "n's"?
  • n'snoun
  • 1. Plural form of n.

Use "n's" in a sentence
  • "Juan Inciarte, executive vice president of strategy, is viewed as one of Mr. Bot í n's most trusted advisers, accompanying him on most of his travels and being intimately involved in any deal."

    "But some people close to Santander's top management said he isn't a favorite of Mr. Bot í n's, after having wrangled with top executives, one person said, over the degree of control he had in the Latin American business."

    "I was wrong, there is one entry that is only significant at the .05 level, I guess with n's of 100,000 or so, statistical significance is pretty easy."

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  • Spanish: n's
  • German: n's
  • French: n's
  • Mandarin: n's
  • Japanese: n's

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