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Definition of mimicking

What is the definition of "mimicking"?
  • mimickingverb
  • 1. Present participle of mimic.

Use "mimicking" in a sentence
  • "The poor wee soul is clearly trying to learn, he even took Sarah to see Macbeth so he could learn what he's doing wrong and begin mimicking the good guys for a change."

    "At any rate, the response to the followup question clarified the position (again mimicking your version)."

    "Combine that with talk of building “a new paradigm … a new wave” and I’m going to write you off as immature and more interested in mimicking the successes of others who come before you than in showing me what makes * you* unique."

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How to Say "mimicking" in:
  • Spanish: mimicking
  • German: mimicking
  • French: mimicking
  • Mandarin: mimicking
  • Japanese: mimicking

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