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Definition of macarons

What is the definition of "macarons"?
  • macaronsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of macaron.

Use "macarons" in a sentence
  • "As part of an early Christmas present to me, my sister, bless her heart, drove through three hours of major traffic to get me a box of French macarons from the Paulette Bakery in Beverly Hills."

    "Laurie Constantino said ... oh for the love of food, you are so welcome! your macarons were a vision!"

    "It's not so much self-interest talking (his macarons are a time-consuming sideline to a full-time job in an unrelated profession) as passion; obsession even."

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How to Say "macarons" in:
  • Spanish: macarons
  • German: macarons
  • French: macarons
  • Mandarin: macarons
  • Japanese: macarons

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