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Definition of macaronic

What is the definition of "macaronic"?
  • mac•a•ron•icadjective
  • 1. Of or containing a mixture of vernacular words with Latin words or with vernacular words given Latinate endings: macaronic verse.
    2. Of or involving a mixture of two or more languages.

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  • "It was what is called a macaronic poempart English, part Latinand was an elegy on the death of somebody or other."

    "Vittorio Vettori (d. 1763), and Folengo, the first of the so-called macaronic writers; the jurist Piacentino (twelfth century),"

    "Parceque librum non a rendu "is the kind of macaronic French and Latin which schoolboys are accustomed to write under a sketch of the borrower expiating his offences on the gallows."

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