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Definition of macarena

What is the definition of "macarena"?
  • macarenanoun
  • 1. Alternative form of Macarena.

Use "macarena" in a sentence
  • "Bill Clinton throws temper tantrums and chases women ... and the macarena is the latest dance craze sweeping the nation."

    "There was a brief moment of humour when marchers started dancing to the tune of the "macarena" blasting from loudspeakers near the Westbury police station."

    "Even leaving aside the politics of race and gender, Feedback reckoned: It's the equivalent of seeing your granny doing the macarena on the dancefloor."

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How to Say "macarena" in:
  • Spanish: macarena
  • German: macarena
  • French: macarena
  • Mandarin: macarena
  • Japanese: macarena

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