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Definition of macadamia

What is the definition of "macadamia"?
  • macadamianoun
  • 1. an evergreen tree, of the genus Macadamia, native to Australia and cultivated in Hawaii
    2. the fruit of this tree; the macadamia nut

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  • "It's best to make it with a delicate oil such as macadamia, apricot kernel or extra light olive oil (extra virgin being too intense)."

    "Atkins himself – I suppose – got tired of hearing people complain that they couldn’t get into ketosis, so he had them do a ‘fat fast’ using as I recall macadamia nuts and cream cheese only diet, which is primarily fat."

    "Kailua Candy Company is a popular stop mostly for non-Hawaiian chocolate confections, although some feature local ingredients such as macadamia nuts or Kona coffee."

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