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Definition of maas

What is the definition of "maas"?
  • maasnoun
  • 1. Sour milk.

  • maasverb
  • 1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of maa.

Use "maas" in a sentence
  • ""maas," or curdled buttermilk, which a woman had brought him that very morning from a neighbouring kraal, and it was destined for Jantje's own supper."

    "In the Hindu calendar, which is lunisolar calendar, the embolismic month is called adhika maas (extra month)."

    "Täna hommikul kõndisin ma pärast kohvi-saiakest lihtsalt automaatselt sinna ja istusin maas - nagu teevad Sienas kõik, üliõpilased ja mitteüliõpilased, ja lihtsalt vaatasin."

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