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Definition of maa

What is the definition of "maa"?
  • maainterjection
  • 1. a bleating sound, as that of a sheep or goat

  • maaverb
  • 1. to make such a sound

Use "maa" in a sentence
  • "G: [takes out phone and calls his maa] Maa, do you know Elsie XYZ?"

    "Tukuchee ri oher, yxnu [c] ahol, he [c] a ka maa Oxlahuh [c,] ij, Cablahuh"

    "The maa was a moft mrferable fpedacle, and apparently eaten up with difeafe."

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How to Say "maa" in:
  • Spanish: maa
  • German: maa
  • French: maa
  • Mandarin: maa
  • Japanese: maa

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