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Definition of ma

What is the definition of "ma"?
  • ma•‖Manoun
  • 1. Informal Mother.

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  • "_Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma_, the Chinese stammeringly say, and if the pitch and tone of each _ma_ are right, the meaning of the apparent repetition is, "Does Mother scold the horses, or will the horses scold Mother?""

    "Was it not Scarron who wrote a poem, 'A Guillemette, chienne de ma soeur, 'but quarrelling with his sister just as the volume was about to appear, put in the _errata_,' For _chienne de ma soeur_ read _ma chienne de soeur_ '!"

    ""_C'est drole! c'est ma maison_ -- _ma maison veritable_!""

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