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Definition of lei

What is the definition of "lei"?
  • leinoun
  • 1. A garland of flowers, especially one worn around the neck.
    2. Plural of leu.

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  • "Grooms mostly earn a maile lei, which is surely masculine and drapes loosely around the neck."

    "This definitely isn't "media," and it's probably not "culture," although the little pooch does seem to be wearing a lei, which is, er, kind of cultural, right?"

    "This is reflected in the modern Chinese character for the English meaning "tired", "累" ,lei, which is a picture of a field - the work of men - above a picture of a coil of silk - the work of women. gunpowder they had no intention of using it as a weapon; instead, it was developed in the Tang dynasty as a formula for immortality by religious Daoist (daojiao - 道教) alchemists."

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