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Definition of labialization

What is the definition of "labialization"?
  • la•bi•al•i•za•tionnoun
  • 1. A secondary articulatory feature of usually consonants that involves the contraction or rounding of the labia during pronunciation.

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  • "To me, *h3 was ultimately born from the era of Indo-Aegean Centralization when the feature of labialization was transferred to the neighbouring consonant, including *h."

    "Maybe to add further, even without concommitant labialization, I don't think it's impossible that a pharyngeal to MIE ears would appear to have a +back acoustic quality, the same quality as their *w which may be one of the closest approximations they could make."

    "Word-final labialization was neutralized after Syncope, hence there were no instances in PIE, nor could there be, of suffixes like **-gʷ or **-hʷ **-h₃."

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