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Definition of labial

What is the definition of "labial"?
  • la•bi•aladjective
  • 1. Of or relating to the lips or labia.
    2. Linguistics Articulated mainly by closing or partly closing the lips, as the sounds (b), (m), or (w).

  • la•bi•alnoun
  • 1. Linguistics A labial consonant.
    2. Music See flue1.

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  • "Mexico. 11 The language of Nootka is by no means harsh or disagreeable; for it abounds, upon the whole, rather with what may be called labial and dental, than with guttural sounds."

    "El is the article; but when it precedes a word beginning with a letter called a labial, it takes the sound of that letter."

    "Of the two cusps the labial is the larger and more prominent."

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