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Definition of labeler

What is the definition of "labeler"?
  • la•bel•ernoun
  • 1. A person or device that produces or affixes labels.

Use "labeler" in a sentence
  • "After comparing my own views to what more "mainstream" types consider stylish and "pro-reform," I think I've figured out where I-- and a lot of my friends and allies -- crossed the line into "radicalism" (or "laggardism," depending on the particular moment at which your labeler is speaking)."

    "Hypocrisy brucie hypocrisy, now be a good boy and go back and read your little post and then tell me if you can find your hypocrisy. hint - calling somebody a wanker (on my feelings, sniff being called a labeler, gasp!"

    "But I can tell you my default printer was the 3rd one down the list, and it was the DYMO labeler which is wrong, wrong, wrong!"

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