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Definition of labarum

What is the definition of "labarum"?
  • ‖Lab•a•rumnoun
  • 1. An ecclesiastical banner, especially one carried in processions.
    2. The banner adopted by Constantine I after his conversion to Christianity.

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  • "The term labarum, which is of uncertain derivation, was probably familiar in the Roman army from the reign of Hadrian."

    "Maxentius, saw in the clouds, as well as his whole army, the grand imperial standard called the labarum, surmounted with a"

    "The solemn epithets of, safety of the republic, glory of the army, restoration of public happiness, are equally applied to the religious and military trophies; and there is still extant a medal of the emperor Constantius, where the standard of the labarum is accompanied with these memorable words, By This Sign"

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