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Definition of laas

What is the definition of "laas"?
  • laasnoun
  • 1. A lace. See lace.

Use "laas" in a sentence
  • "I drifted off into a fitful sleep about 4: 00 hours (fo'day mornin) Sunday after 12 hours of bombardment from the fish shop in Drury Lane; that was the time the last (beer) bottle was broken and the 'laas' cuss word was flung in the air … then silence."

    "The Sciroccos laas year i killed a huge w-tail at 270 yds, shot entered the right fore leg midway, broke it, went completely thru broke his left and his vitals wasa glob, der jumped a 4ft fence and ran 60 yds before piling up."

    "Upon cur Sai'ioiir's Tomb, luherein never Man laas laid."

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