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Definition of la-di-da

What is the definition of "la-di-da"?
  • la-di-daadjective
  • 1. Informal Affectedly genteel; pretentious.

  • la-di-dainterjection
  • 1. Used to express disdain for something viewed as pretentious.

Use "la-di-da" in a sentence
  • "I raised my eyebrows, but I may as well have whistled, or said, “Well, la-di-da.”"

    "The guy seems to care so little about his work here that he fails to believably: type on a keyboard (re: his character is a professional writer), urgently ride a bicycle in a downpour (again, he does this with inexplicable la-di-da slowness), and talk at a GPS with any semblance of a person who is frustrated."

    "Ever la-di-da shitass in this town will be able to spit on us if we take charity!"

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  • Spanish: la-di-da
  • German: la-di-da
  • French: la-di-da
  • Mandarin: la-di-da
  • Japanese: la-di-da

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