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Definition of kaccha

What is the definition of "kaccha"?
  • kacchanoun
  • 1. An undergarment worn by baptized Sikhs, one of the five Ks.

Use "kaccha" in a sentence
  • "None of the ingredients are fried or roasted, hence the name kaccha=raw."

    "Tucked away in this section was the recipe for a masala called kaccha masala."

    "You can turn a basic sari into pants (kaccha or dhoti wraps) as men all over south Asia do (yes, that's what Yul Brynner wore in The King and I: a six-yard piece of silk wrapped into blooming trousers, and I can show you how he did it); or turn them into jumpsuits, short dresses, skirts, or the familiar full-length draped sari gown."

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