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Definition of kabocha

What is the definition of "kabocha"?
  • kabochanoun
  • 1. A variety of Japanese winter squash.

Use "kabocha" in a sentence
  • "Any of the many winter squashes, such as acorn, delicata, hubbard, kabocha, or red kuri, can stand in for the most popular winter squash of all: the butternut."

    "And some of the wonderful root vegetables in my local farmer's market, including kabocha squash."

    "You might want to start your own "week of tastes" with this seasonally appropriate soup -- made with that leftover pumpkin or kabocha, calabaza or butternut squash."

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  • Spanish: kabocha
  • German: kabocha
  • French: kabocha
  • Mandarin: kabocha
  • Japanese: kabocha

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