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Definition of kablooey

What is the definition of "kablooey"?
  • kablooeynoun
  • 1. Alternative spelling of kablooie.

Use "kablooey" in a sentence
  • "Obviously many people will say (not knowing a thing about this guy) that he got what was coming to him because he oversaw the exploratory drilling operation, and it went catastrophically kablooey, and then BP didn't have a ready fix, and the gulf got polluted, and the birds and turtles died, and so on."

    "We start each day with a color-coded terror alert to let us know how likely we are to go kablooey and drive past highway signs urging us to report suspicious activity."

    "If contractors really want to do the most professional job they can -- a goal that may be problematic for some of them -- they could and should receive the various lessons learned reports government personnel have been compiling for years as they reflect on why so many reconstruction projects went kablooey."

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  • Spanish: kablooey
  • German: kablooey
  • French: kablooey
  • Mandarin: kablooey
  • Japanese: kablooey

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