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Definition of kabbalists

What is the definition of "kabbalists"?
  • kabbalistsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of kabbalist.

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  • "Amongst the Zionists, the kabbalists are the ones to watch, especially the masters of the lore."

    "The domain of the body — the effective Sabbatean arena for “restorative” action — had long been associated with women, in line with the dualistic scheme, adopted by medieval philosophers and kabbalists alike, that juxtaposed the female domain of “body” with the male domain of “spirit” or “soul.”"

    "Many of these new publications (including Hebrew tehinnot, supplemental prayers for men) developed out of and popularized a mystical pietism originating among the kabbalists of Safed; others originated among secret followers of Sabbetai Zevi (1626 – 1676), the failed mystical messiah."

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