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Definition of kabaya

What is the definition of "kabaya"?
  • kabayanoun
  • 1. Alternative spelling of kebaya.

Use "kabaya" in a sentence
  • "Their lower garment, or sarong, reaching from the waist to the ankles, is usually of red cotton of a small check, with stripes in the front, above which is worn a loose sleeved garment, called a kabaya, reaching to the knees, and clasped in front with silver or gold, and frequently with diamond ornaments."

    "Under her silken sarong would have been an inner garment of white cotton, about her waist a zone of beaded cloth held in front by an oval plate, and over all would have been thrown a long, loose dressing-gown, called the kabaya, falling to her knees and fastened down the front to the silver girdle with golden brooches."

    "'kabaya' is worn, and over all a 'slendang,' which is very like a"

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