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Definition of k

What is the definition of "k"?
  • knoun
  • 1. The 11th letter of the modern English alphabet.
    2. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter k.
    3. The 11th in a series.
    4. Something shaped like the letter K.

  • kabbreviation
  • 1. karat

Use "k" in a sentence
  • "Any such forcing relation is consistent and monotone: for no sentence A and no k does k force both A and ¬A. if k ‰¤ k² and k forces"

    "N before g, the sound of ng ([n =]): sing, also n before k-- [n =] g, -- i [n =] k. bang song lank rang long bank sang strong sank hang thing tank wink cling sung sink swing lung think sing swung brink sting stung"

    "= 3 Sum {from k = 2 to ∞} 1/(k-1) ² - 3 Sum {from k = 2 to ∞} 1/k² substitute t = k-1 in the first sum"

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