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Definition of k-value

What is the definition of "k-value"?
  • k-valuenoun
  • 1. thermal conductivity; the time of rate of heat flow through a unit area of a homogeneous material in a direction perpendicular to isothermal planes induced by a unit temperature gradient. In English (inch-pound) units of measurement; it is the number of BTUs that pass through a 1 inch thickness of a square foot sample of material in 1 hour with a temperature difference between the two sufraces of 1 degree F.

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  • "The reciprocal value is the thermal transmittance U. (The U-value corresponds with the k-value in the German system)"

    "NMR spectroscopy has been used for accurate determination of k-value, which is an indicator of freshness of fish."

    "(k-values of different materials see Appendix 5.1) (The k-value corresponds with l in the German system)"

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