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Definition of jailbroke

What is the definition of "jailbroke"?
  • jailbrokeverb
  • 1. Simple past of jailbreak.

Use "jailbroke" in a sentence
  • "James Billington, Librarian of Congress, said phone owners who "jailbroke" their handsets would "not be subject to the statutory prohibition against circumvention"."

    "Still pondering. howie hey ... let me know when the app store gets an application that i havent had on my iphone since i jailbroke it like a year ago. oh, and i have an IM client that runs in the background and a great ssh client (and server). yeah, i said it. can i get a what what? tie"

    "Designer Vijay (of two-faced Mac-like Windows desktop fame) jailbroke his iPhone and loaded it up with apps."

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  • Spanish: jailbroke
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