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Definition of jacana

What is the definition of "jacana"?
  • jac•a•nanoun
  • 1. A group of wading birds in the family Jacanidae, usually having long toes and claws and found throughout the world.

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  • "There are several species of "jacana" in South America, and also some species in the tropical countries of the East."

    "Rare and endangered species include the birds scarlet ibis (Eudocimus ruber), and wattled jacana (Jacana jacana), the mammals tucuxi (Sotalia fluviatilis) and manatee Trichechus manatus, and several marine turtles, for whom it is a breeding area."

    "Embassy, 012 -3443910, 083 -4592001 margriet. [email protected], or Jacana media: 0111 - 648 1157, www."

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