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Definition of jabirus

What is the definition of "jabirus"?
  • jabirusnoun
  • 1. Plural form of jabiru.

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  • "The region has many more bichos, or wild animals, than other parts of the Pantanal: jaguars; anacondas up to 30 feet long; enormous rodents; and hundreds of amazing bird species like herons, parrots, blue macaws; and strange looking jabirus, which have ten-foot wing spans and look like dinosaur-age pterodactyls."

    "Occasionally we saw pairs of the stately jabirus, or adjutant-looking marabouts, wading among the shoals, and spur-winged geese, and other water-fowl, but there was scarcely a crocodile or a hippopotamus to be seen."

    "Near the ranch-house, about forty feet up in a big tree, was a jabiru’s nest containing young jabirus."

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