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Definition of jabby

What is the definition of "jabby"?
  • jabbyadjective
  • 1. short yet vigorous and forceful.
    2. Characterized by jab-like rhymthms or actions.

Use "jabby" in a sentence
  • "I thought she was going to fall forward and stab Gibson in the heart with her jabby little index finger."

    "One of the few who does is Rupert Everett, whose funny, jabby, self-deprecating, mortality-tinged, Madonna-injected memoir Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins has gone mystifyingly underappreciated, a state of neglect I'm going to try to help remedy when I put together a recommended Christmas list of the best, most unsung books of 2007."

    "I didn't score particularly well, but that was largely due to unfamiliarity with a tricky course and that jabby putting stroke, as Mr. Smith had predicted."

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